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Lea Mičúchová | Payroll Senior Assistant


 How did you learn about the new LEGO project and job opportunities there?

  • I was periodically checking some new open positions (job opportunities) in Prague. I found on portal jobs.cz an open position for Payroll Sr. Assistant for Lego with knowledge of Hungarian language. I applied for the position and here I am!

Why did you chose LEGO?/ What were the main reasons to start in the LEGO Group?

  • If I want to be honest, I was hesitating a bit – because of the location. I live to Prague, I do not have a car, and the location is not really in the Kladno center. But after the 1st interview in Lego I was 100% sure that I want to work for this company. The people, the position, the vision of the company and even more ensured me that it would be just perfect to be a part of the Lego Group.

How would you describe LEGO culture and atmosphere?

  • I´ve never experienced that professional on-boarding before as we had in Lego. The people were professionals, and also really nice, helpful and funny. As we were the first 5 employees hired into newly opened BSO for Payroll and Data Entry & Reporting, the atmosphere was really quite, but in the other hand we had a chance to know each other quickly.

Has anything surprised you in LEGO?

  • J when someone asked me at 5 pm when I am planning to go home from work! J but seriously, it was the fact , that the company really cares about their employees and here this is really not only the cliché… Also what surprised me was the 1 month of carefully and professionally organized on-boarding.

How do you  feel as part of the team of people working within the LEGO Group?

  • People I am working with are really friendly, ready to help and professionals.


What is a typical day for you?

  • I arrive to work, go through my Outlook mailbox and after that I make a coffee J . Then I start to work on my planned task/s for the current day. Me and my colleague Lenka are now closely working with the US Payroll team on the handover of the Americas payroll – so we are preparing some task for the phone call, what we usually have every afternoon.

What is the most memorable thing that’s happened to you at LEGO?

  • The LEGO Group organized the 1st LEGO Play Day and I had a unique chance to be a part of the “Stuff” team. It was amazing to see all LEGO employees to play, have fun and great time during the day.

Can you tell us about the LEGO Play Day you just had? What was it all about? How did you enjoy it?

  • Last Friday (26.8.2016) the LEGO Group colleagues all over the world left their desks, molding machines and packing lines for a couple of hours – and instead of working - let their “inner child” loose for fun and games during the first-ever LEGO Play Day. I           enjoyed it a lot, I´ve never seen before an event like this – more than 3000 employees in Kladno, about 17 500 employees all around the world were playing in the same time… J  

Can you tell us what sporting facilities LEGO has at the Kladno Campus? What leisure activities have you tried?

  • Fitness – gym with personal trainers + Group activities like: Cross-fit, Healthy backs, Power yoga, Yoga, Tae-Bo, Hatha Yoga
  • Massage
  • Multifunctional LEGO park: tennis, volleyball, football, basketball, handball and in-line skating