to build a strong employer brand you need insights

We are employer branding experts and conduct independent and comprehensive research into what attracts employees to an organization. The Randstad Employer Brand Research dives into worker's drivers and motivators and offers valuable insights to help employers shape their employer brand.

Randstad Employer Brand Research

is a representative survey with over 190 000 respondents in 34 countries worldwide. Based on the results, we recognize the most attractive employers and present them with the Randstad Award trophy.

about Employer Brand Research

based on perceptions of the general audience

optimizing 21 years of successful employer branding insights
recognizes the world's most attractive employers
the best employers win the Randstad Award trophy

participants of our research

34 countries worldwide
more than 190 000 respondents worldwide
6 493 companies worldwide
4 750 Czech respondents
150 largest employers from private sector in the Czech Republic

who is the 2021 winner in the Czech Republic?

Which companies were identified as the most attractive employers in the Czech Republic in 2021?

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