our solution for recruitment in uncertain times

High-quality talents are the salt of each successful business. Do not let the current situation stop you and use our solutions that will allow you to keep your key talents or hire new colleagues. Find them online and let us help you flexibly recruit them.

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we will help you

  • minimise the risk for your business in uncertain times
  • increase the flexibility of your labour force
  • keep key talents
  • improve your productivity and effectiveness
  • find agile solutions for your problems

What is most important is not to lose high-quality candidates and retain great talents, while maintaining the necessary flexibility that will help your business overcome new challenges.

Linda Picková, Professionals Director

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Linda Picková, ředitelka randstad professionals

Linda Picková

Randstad Professionals Director

Linda is the director of the division focused on permanent placement within the entire Czech Republic.  She will help you with recruitment, flexible employment and overall management of qualified staff, including talent management, psychodiagnostic assessment of work competencies, change management or outplacement.


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