COVID-19 info we are here to help.

Randstad's top priority is providing a safe and healthy work environment for all. We follow strict protective measures to minimise the spread of coronavirus and ensure safety of all people we are in contact with. Our consultants are still reachable and available to help you find a new job. On our website you can find permanent job offers as well as a wide variety of temporary jobs.

job offers

we work remotely

Our employees have remote access to company tools and resources. They're still reachable and available to you. Whether you already work with Randstad or want to find a new job now, we're here to help. We will manage most of our interactions over phone, email or online.

our branches

Our branches are working remotely and in-person meetings are limited. If you want to visit our branch, please contact us first over phone or email.

hygiene in the workplace

Our branches strictly follow all hygiene guidelines to prevent the spread of coronavirus and protect our visitors and employees. Our consultants use protective masks, gloves and hand sanitiser.