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Whenever your headcount for any roles is limited but your operations require qualified staff. The number of workers, their workload and rotation are determined by your needs – we are here to fulfil them.

In this area, co-operation is usually based on a framework order valid for a year, which defines the job descriptions, comparable conditions and workloads (hours of work). The positions are then filled within hours or a couple of days at most based on a simple instruction with a description of the specific role/position.

This scheme is typically used to fill various supporting roles: HR support, finance support, sales support, IT support, office manager, marketing support, service desk, receptionist etc.

Main advantages:

  • absolute flexibility (from several hours e.g. when your receptionist is sick or on holiday, to long-term posting with flexible working hours)
  • swift provision of high-quality candidates (usually within 2-48 hours)
  • easy management of your staffing needs (simple e-mail/phone order)
  • flexible planning of shifts/workload
  • training of future full-time employees (you can test their competences and qualities without a long-term commitment)

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