If your needs are unpredictable right now, we can supply candidates whom you can test without a long-term commitment. We will assign them to you for the required period and you choose whether and when you want to employ them directly. During the time when they are assigned to you, you will be able to test how they work and fit in.

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One of the main advantages of this solution is the opportunity to test whether the employee is a good fit. This is ideal especially for projects where performance can be measured using KPIs.

Model example: a recruiter’s KPI is the placement of 15 candidates within 3 months. If they meet this goal and get along well with their team, you can employ them directly.

The five-day notice period is a great advantage especially for short-term projects (up to 3 months). (Unlike in full-time employment, which can be immediately terminated within the trial period, this solution enables both the client and the worker to give a five-day notice. This is appreciated by both parties.) 

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karolina šafránková

Karolina Šafránková

Branch & Executive Account Manager

Karolina is the head of a team of consultants who provide white-staffing services to global and local corporate clients. She will be happy to help you to find the best solutions and talents for your company.


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