white collar staffing

what is this solution best for

When your headcount is limited and you need temporary staffing solution for those roles that are essential for your business (while you cannot guarantee that you will be able to keep these people on board in the near future).

When you need some help with a specific project limited in terms of time and scope (whether for your own business or for your customer). 

This solution has been successfully used by dozens of companies especially for positions in the field of IT, HR, call centres or supporting roles. 

Main advantages:

  • flexibility of employment (five-day notice)
  • possibility of allocating extra personnel expenses beyond permanent headcount
  • project-based solution (employment is limited by a specific project, often with separate budget)

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karolina šafránková

Global Sales Vice President & White Collar Staffing Lead

Karolina runs a white collar staffing business providing flexible employment services to global and local clients. She is also responsible for business development and international tenders. She will be happy to advise you on the optimal solution for hiring the right people for your company.

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