helping you return to work safely


Our simple application for planning of working hours/shifts/workload of your people can replace e-mails, phone calls and excel spreadsheets once and for all. Use the YouPlan app to organise safe return of your people to work and communicate effectively. 

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safe return to work

YouPlan is a great tool that will help you plan the return of your employees to work. The simple app enables dividing, marking and assigning specific days or hours of presence at work, and allows your people to easily chose where and when they want to be present.

All users can see in real time how many workstations are available and when they colleagues plan to come to the office.

It is great for unforeseen situations, such as extraordinary restrictions or, on the other hand, lifting of existing restrictions. You can also use it to easily contact people you have worked before when you need some for a one-off task or part-time position and share up-to-date information from your company.

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how it works

modern and user-friendly digital solution for planning of shifts and working hours

worry-free planning and last-minute changes: all updates are displayed to everyone in real time

you can control the entire system from your phone, tablet or computer, wherever you are 


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